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Bike Magazine Australia

Bike Magazine Australia

Bike Magazine Australia is the most versatile cycling magazine in the country, covering the breadth of cycling as the sport continues to grow and expand. With stories from inside the professional peloton, through to features on some of the best adventures you can have on a bike throughout our country and region, to tales from people who make our sport great - Bike is set to inspire. With insightful features on training and nutrition, plus bike and product reviews from experience testers, Bike is ready to equip readers to achieve their best, and invest into the sport wisely."

Bike Australia combines the best stories and how-to features from Rodale Press, combined with locally produced features, bike and product tests, destination visits and expert opinions. Cycling is a growing sport that will continue to evolve. As road cycling diversifies from its roots as a racing sport, to one that is a recreational past time, so too the rest of the sport grows and changes. Bikes are now seen as much as a tool either for elite sport, fitness, recreation, adventure – and even a pathway out of adversity. Bike Australia aims to capture the breadth of the growing sport, encompassing all the elements that make cycling a great sport, and creating a unique magazine with direct relevance to an Australian audience.