Girl Power Magazine
  • Frequency: Monthly

Girl Power

Girl Power is the must read magazine within the 7 - 13 year old tween girls set.

Girl Power is about being everything a girl wants and needs in one magazine.

There is celebrity gossip, fashion, music, movies gaming and cool DIY guides.  

Our readership are full of curiosity about what it means to grow up - they're looking for the ways to express themselves and aspiring to be cool, glamorous and up to date with the latest trends.   They've got huge influence over family purchases and are also hugely influential amongst their group of friends.

Girl Power is the magazine of choice for over 100 000 readers and continues to grow its reader base because it is:

  • a trustworthy and genuine space for girls to interact with pop culture
  • always bright, beautiful and lots of fun
  • inspirational and empowering
  • irreverent and optimistic