pc powerplay magazine
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Readership: 171,000

PC PowerPlay

Launched in 1996, PC PowerPlay is Australia’s oldest voice for PC gamers. Consisting of two editions of the magazine and an active web community, PCPP defines PC gaming in Australia. Offering a mix of games and hardware coverage, the magazine gives a complete picture for the PC entertainment enthusiast.

PCPP breaks news of new games, offers detailed reviews of upcoming games, and dissects hardware and helps readers make sense of the bewildering array of tech products that hit the market each month. The magazine doesn’t just promote tech, it benchmarks and analyses it to help gamers make the most intelligent purchasing decision.

The DVD edition of the magazine includes a 9GB demo disc packed with games, utilities and multimedia, while the magazine-only edition reaches readers with high-bandwidth internet connections. The forums and website attract 70,000 unique vistors every month.

PCPP’s audience includes gamers of all ages and stripes, with a core audience aged 14-24. As technology enthusiasts they evangelise products to their wider peer group and are thus a key audience for any company working in the technology, online or entertainment space. They are impossible to target elsewhere.