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Sound + Image


Sound+Image magazine is Australia’s premier lifestyle home electronics entertainment publication, providing easy-to-read information about audio and video equipment, and how-to articles on assembling extraordinary systems that sound and look great.

As residences metamorphose into high-tech broadband digital living spaces, the home entertainment aficionado requires more and more information about this emerging new world. SOUND+IMAGE magazine offers a comprehensive bi-monthly package focused on lifestyle home electronic entertainment, providing easy-to-read information about audio and video equipment and how ordinary consumers can assemble extraordinary systems that look and sound fantastic. Lifestyle advantages are also covered, such as automated lighting, security and temperature systems.

SOUND+IMAGE caters to first-time buyers and upgrading consumers alike, with regular product reviews, technology features, and buyers guides. The custom installation pictorials are a joy to read and view, demonstrating the benefits and attractiveness of integrating audio and video control throughout the home - or should we say, the personal high-tech broadband digital living space?