Australian INCAR

Australian INCAR is Australia’s longest running specialist car audio magazine. It holds car audio enthusiasts at its heart – whether they’re AV buffs, SQ fanatics or even SPL devotees – while covering the latest news, products and trends in developing fields such as in-car AV, mobile computing, automotive security and burgeoning accessories including flash memory for music, reversing cameras, MP3 player docks and other multimedia devices.

This combination of classic values and quality pictorials together with news and in-depth reviews of the latest high-tech kit reinforces Australian INCAR’s position as Australia’s ultimate mobile audio and entertainment magazine.

Professionally-shot incar pictorials display Australia’s best aftermarket in-car installs across a huge range of ages, tastes and budgets, including top-notch audio, AV and even gaming installs, as well as masterfully executed real-world installations.

The team of specialist technical writers review key products and present DIY installation techniques, always providing the readers with clear and simple explanations of often complex in-car AV products and technologies.

The regular departments in each issue maintain a close watch on new and improving technologies, while special features zero in on everything from new models to installation advice to events across Australia for INCAR readers.

Australian INCAR became a full member of EISA in 2017 and publishes the EISA Awards annually.

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