Business IT

At Business IT, our mission is simple – to help our readers make technology work for their businesses. And we do so by providing plain English tech news, reviews and guides for businesses ranging from startups to mid-sized enterprises.

Established in May 2012, Business IT caters for the sectors often described as the growth engine of the Australian economy, including:

  • Small and mid-sized enterprises
  • Startups and tech entrepreneurs
  • Professionals such as accountants and IT consultants.

We cover a wide range of business technology, from accounting, ERP and CRM systems to laptops and smartphones to telecommunications and cloud services, along with security, storage and networking gear.

Our content is always practical and includes:

  • The latest tech news and trends, and what they mean for businesses
  • Reviews, comparisons and buyer’s guides to help businesses choose the best tech products and services for their needs
  • Tips and tutorials to help businesses get up and running with new technology, and improve their productivity
  • Case studies on how startups and other growing businesses are innovating with new technology
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