PC PowerPlay

Launched in 1996, PC PowerPlay is not only the longest running gaming magazine in Australia, it’s also the only one dedicated to everything PC gaming. Every year we publish 13 issues; 11 monthly issues and two special issues. Each monthly issue comes packed with previews, reviews and interviews, looking at the hottest new tech and games around. The first of our two specials each year takes an inside look at the world’s largest PC tech conference, Computex, bringing readers a first look at the newest innovations in PC hardware, and the second features numerous tutorials, buyer’s guides and features aimed at helping readers get the most out of their PC.

PC PowerPlay also has a robust web presence, delivering news, reviews and hands on reports on a daily basis.

Having been part of the Australian gaming scene for so long, PC PowerPlay is uniquely positioned to be the trusted authority on PC gaming. No other gaming magazine has the knowledge, respect and credibility that comes with 20+ years of independent publishing. PC PowerPlay readers are dedicated gamers, PC enthusiasts and early adopters, ready and willing to upgrade their machine to play the most cutting edge games.

PCPowerPlay.com.au is the online home of Australia’s only dedicated PC gaming magazine. PCPowerPlay.com.au is the perfect complement to the long-running print edition. Daily news, videos, quick looks and our staff blogs ensure we’re delivering new and original content tailored to our revitalised online presence. PCPowerPlay.com.au forms the central hub of our dedicated community thanks to our thriving PC gaming and hardware forums.

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