2020 Media Kit
Inspire. Educate. Empower.

our mission

Healthy Food Guide are the leaders in trusted, curated content backed by qualified dietitians.

Our mission is to change the way people view healthy eating, by delivering credible and practical nutrition advice to everyday people. Healthy Food Guide is a monthly magazine 100 per cent dedicated to healthy food. We deliver facts, not media fanfare, and all of our information is supported by solid scientific evidence.

Our engaged, health-focused audience turn to the magazine for trusted advice, and we empower and motivate them to make lasting, positive changes to their health.

Join us on our mission to
make every reader healthier

Brooke Delfino, Editor and Accredited Practising Dietitian

content pillars

The food and nutrition landscape is fast-paced, and constantly changing and evolving. We keep our readers up-to-date with the very latest in health and food news, delivered in a practical and easy-to-understand tone.

We print science-backed advice, stories and commentary from industry experts to help our readers live and feel well. We cover a range of topics and health conditions, such as weight loss, diabetes, heart disease and gut health.

HFG recipes are unique. Our recipe writers work with qualified dietitians to develop all of our meals. We provide a nutritional analysis for every recipe, and we test each meal twice to ensure it works and tastes great!

Every month our dietitian scours supermarket shelves to find the healthiest and tastiest new products. Our readers turn to our pages for trusted shopping advice and rely on our practical guides when at the supermarket.

brand platform

Australia and New Zealand’s only dedicated, evidence-based healthy food brand.


HFG is a monthly magazine that engages in a deep, uninterrupted way with interested readers.


A wide range of options are available including display, EDM, native content and custom e-books.


Promote your brand further via our subscriber, online and readers’ letters prizes every month.


Partner with HFG to credibly reach our growing social community across multiple platfroms.


Get your products into the hands of HFG’s audience by sampling with us at events, expos or conferences.

awards + logos

Have your products endorsed by HFG! Use our highly regarded logos on your own marketing collateral.

our reach

Healthy Food Guide is Australia and New Zealand’s leading voice in health and nutrition.

585,912 total brand reach

347,000 readership (au + nz)
125,380 unique web visitors (au)
88,830 total social audience (AU)
24,702 edm subscribers (AU)

Source: Roy Morgan June 2019; Google Analytics March 2019; Social media stats updated as at 25/10/19.

our audience


are women


are aged 30–64 years of age


are the main or joint grocery buyer in the household


are influenced by HFG product mentions


have purchased a product advertised in HFG


will spend more on products that are healthier than other brands


agree nutrition is important


enjoy cooking

Dietitians recommend Healthy Food Guide magazine to their clients because all of our information and product endorsements are considered credible.

We don’t believe in diets. We do believe in healthy eating every day. We know there are many ways to achieve this, and different approaches work for different people.

Healthy eating changes should be practical, enjoyable and sustainable, not restrictive and unsociable.

~ Brooke Delfino, Editor

editorial calendar 2020


  • Boost gut health
  • Goal setting
  • 15-min cheap eats


  • Back-to-school
  • Food allergy update
  • Meal delivery kits


  • Plant-based special
  • Guide to low-GI
  • Healthy snacking


  • Easter recipes
  • Beat sugar cravings
  • Guide to muesli


  • Insulin resistance
  • Portion size guide
  • Snacks under $1


  • Lower cancer risk
  • Recipes with grains
  • Allergy swaps


  • Diabetes update
  • Turning 40 checklist
  • Low-kJ comfort food


  • Bone health special
  • Vegetarian soups
  • Gluten-free baking


  • Bloating / gut health
  • Boost brain power
  • Hidden sugars


  • Spring weight loss
  • Gluten-free lunches
  • Best spreads


  • 2020 HFG Awards
  • Nutrition for kids
  • BBQ & picnic ideas


  • Christmas special
  • Beat the bloat
  • Low-sugar desserts



AUST & NZ Combined rate
Size Casual
Double Page Spread $17,100
Full Page $9,500
Full Page Advertorial POA
Half Page $6,650
Third Page $4,750
Inserts POA
What’s Hot 1/6 page $2,375
Aust only ad placement POA
NZ only ad placement POA
discounts available
Qty % discount
x 3 rate 2.5%
x 6 rate 5%
x 9 rate 7.5%
x 12 rate 10%
premium Position
Size Cost
Outside Back Cover $12,350
Inside Front Cover Spread $20,520
IFC Gatefold – 4 Page $45,750


Tailored content supported by HFG’s digital strategy to maximise traffic

Type Cost
Leaderboard $40 CPM
Half Page $60 CPM
Billboards $80 CPM
Skins (includes super Leaderboard) $120 CPM
Interstitial $120 CPM
Native Content $7,500
Custom e-books start from $5,000
Video POA
Type Cost
Social Media Campaigns from $3,000
Type Cost
Solus EDM p/send $3,900
MREC on Editorial
Monthly e-newsletter
Limited to 1 x advertising partner p/send.
5pm Panic Recipe
Email Sponsorship $3,000
Includes 4 sends
Recipe of the Week EDM $2000

All rates are in Australian Dollars. All rates are exclusive of GST.


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