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ABC Organic Gardener is an essential companion for anyone interested in organics, gardening and a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Here at Organic Gardener magazine, we have spent the past 20 years or so sharing our love of all things organic. Our aim has always been to supply trusted, practical advice that will support anyone wishing to garden and live a healthy, holistic lifestyle – considering not only what we plant, but how we live and the choices we make that will help protect the planet.

For all of us, it’s important to keep reading, learning and sharing – the more we think about living an organic lifestyle, whether that’s gardening or buying organic produce and household goods, the better our future will be.

Steve Payne - Editor

Steve Payne, Editor

I always say that gardening is the real secret of good health, happiness and a long, creative life. That’s because there’s always something exciting and beautiful waiting to make our hearts leap.
Peter Cundall AM

content pillars

Grow and Plant

Our experts give practical advice on how to fill a garden, whether backyard, balcony or small farm, with organic fruit and vegetables. We share tips and ideas on all aspects of a thriving garden, including healthy soil, compost and natural pest control.

Organic Living

We equip our readers with the information they need to live a sustainable lifestyle. From recipes and tips for poultry and bee care, to new products for the house and garden, we inspire our readers to make choices that are good for their families and the planet.


We deliver the latest environmental news and provide guidance on ways to reduce chemical, water and energy consumption. Inspirational stories and ideas show that living in a way that helps the planet is achievable and we can all make a difference.

a growing organic market

Our world is changing and ABC Organic Gardener is a trusted resource for those who want to tread lightly upon the earth, consume ethically and grow organically.


  • During COVID-19, edible gardening mattered immensely to thousands of Australians. It substantially improved mental wellbeing and made a significantly positive difference for people.¹
  • Over the first six months of COVID-19 in 2020, there was a 50% increase in searches for ‘organic garden’.


There is a strong sense of responsibility and need for change:²

  • 85% of people are prepared to rethink the way they live and spend to tackle climate change.
  • 70% are prepared to make dramatic changes to their lifestyle if it will help tackle climate change.
  • 86% expect businesses to play their part in solving big challenges like climate change or social justice.


  • During COVID-19, edible gardening contributed a sense of focus and reduced anxiety for many, with 81% responding that it was either ‘extremely important’ or ‘very important’ to them.¹
  • Edible gardening is very important to mental health for many with 72% responding that it contributed ‘greatly’ or ‘significantly’ to their wellbeing.¹

1.Donati, K., & Rose, N. (2020). ‘Every seed I plant is a wish for tomorrow’: Findings and Action Agenda from the 2020 National Pandemic Gardening Survey. Melbourne, Victoria: Sustain: the Australian Food Network.
2. ‘Regeneration Rising’, Wunderman Thompson, February 2021.

our audience



years old


live in a house with a garden


experienced gardeners


interested in an organic/eco lifestyle
for more than 5 years
*Source: November 2021 Reader Survey.


buy organic products when possible


live in a city or suburban areas

Lifestyle and interests

  • Natural pest control, organic fertilisers, plant food & mulches
  • Eliminating chemical consumption
  • Education
  • Ethical investing
  • Eco living
  • Chemical-free skin care
  • Chemical-free cleaning products
  • Chooks and bees
  • Producing their own food for the health of their family
  • Closing the waste loop
  • Reducing plastic consumption
  • Water saving
  • Renewable energy solutions
Gardening is the metronome of life that brings rhythm, familiarity, hope and action to the day to day.
Costa Georgiadis, ABC Gardening Australia

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45,500(average users per month)
69,500(average views per month)

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30%average open rate

*Source: Roy Morgan 5 months from November 20 to March 21, based on all people 14+


Issue Booking deadline Material deadline ON-SALE DATE
#130 SUMMER ‘22 15-Nov 22-Nov 16-Dec-21
#131 EARLY AUTUMN ‘22 7-Jan 10-Jan 03-Feb-22
#132 AUTUMN ‘22 21-Feb 28-Feb 24-Mar-22
#133 EARLY WINTER ‘22 30-Mar 6-Apr 05-May-22
#134 WINTER ‘22 23-May 30-May 23-Jun-22
#135 EARLY SPRING ‘22 4-Jul 11-Jul 04-Aug-22
#136 SPRING ‘22 22-Aug 29-Aug 22-Sep-22
#137 EARLY SUMMER ‘22 3-Oct 10-Oct 03-Nov-22
#138 SUMMER ‘23 14-Nov 21-Nov 15-Dec-22
#139 EARLY AUTUMN ‘23 6-Jan 9-Jan 02-Feb-23
Issue #130 SUMMER ‘22
booking deadline 15-Nov
material deadline 22-Nov
On-sale-date 16-Dec-21
Issue #131 EARLY AUTUMN ‘22
booking deadline 7-Jan
material deadline 10-Jan
On-sale-date 03-Feb-22
Issue #132 AUTUMN ‘22
booking deadline 21-Feb
material deadline 28-Feb
On-sale-date 24-Mar-22
Issue #133 EARLY WINTER ‘22
booking deadline 30-Mar
material deadline 6-Apr
On-sale-date 05-May-22
Issue #134 WINTER ‘22
booking deadline 23-May
material deadline 30-May
On-sale-date 23-Jun-22
Issue #135 EARLY SPRING ‘22
booking deadline 4-Jul
material deadline 11-Jul
On-sale-date 04-Aug-22
Issue #136 SPRING ‘22
booking deadline 22-Aug
material deadline 29-Aug
On-sale-date 22-Sep-22
Issue #137 EARLY SUMMER ‘22
booking deadline 3-Oct
material deadline 10-Oct
On-sale-date 03-Nov-22
Issue #138 SUMMER ‘23
booking deadline 14-Nov
material deadline 21-Nov
On-sale-date 15-Dec-22
Issue #139 EARLY AUTUMN ‘23
booking deadline 6-Jan
material deadline 9-Jan
On-sale-date 02-Feb-23

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