Tracks Skin

Skin + Super Leaderboard

Skin + Billboard


Skin Template Download
Skin Dimensions min. 1380 x 900px, max. 1900 x 1000px (see below for more details)
Maximum File Size 180 KB
File Formats Must be delivered as a layered Photoshop (.PSD) file using the supplied template file. Production then readies the skin for deployment onto the site.
Fonts All fonts must be delivered with the creative in Mac & PC format in case of necessary edits.
Animation N/A
Clickthrough URL A single click tag is available to be used with the skin.
Impression Tracker Supported
Image Maps N/A
Sounds N/A
Third-party Ad-Serving N/A


The skin allows an advertiser to take the place of the background on the Tracks website, working together with either the super leaderboard or billboard ad unit to effectively promote brand awareness.

The skin is best optimised for the target audience with a screen resolution of 1440 x 900 pixels and greater. Design of standard ad units may be used to integrate with the skin to maximise the campaign effectiveness.


Ad Unit Dimensions

Main elements of the creative should display in the 130px on the left and right of the site (shown in red hotspot areas above). Other elements may be placed outside this area but whether or not they are seen by the user is dependent on their individual screen resolution.

All skin elements indicated with yellow (including behind the super leaderboard / billboard ad unit) must be designed for.

* Note:  All skin designs must fade into a single desired background colour towards the extremities of the skin to seamlessly merge the skin and the remainder of the webpage for larger resolution screens



  • Both the skin and super leaderboard / billboard ad units must be supplied as two separate creatives (though they always display together)
  • The 970×90 super leaderboard / 970×250 billboard does not have to be included in the supplied PSD file, though you can choose to have this layer hidden if you wish. If you are supplying a finished jpg of the skin, please ensure the super leaderboard / billboard isn’t visible.
  • Please ensure the background of the skin covers the minimum dimensions above.
  • All critical images/type should be placed within the red areas indicated.


nextmedia requires that all creative be submitted one week prior to live date to allow for testing and approval.

Please ensure that all specifications are met. Ads that do not meet all our specifications will be rejected, affecting the launch date of the campaign.

If you have any further questions regarding campaign tracking for this placement, please contact your nextmedia representative.