nextmedia India

nextmedia India

Based in Gurgaon, Delhi, nextmedia India is the latest addition to Australian content company, nextmedia.

Their primary role is offering services and support to the Australian brands iTnews, CRN, IoTHub and BIT — helping to create and market technology content that is a class-apart, covering fields like telecommunications, government, small business, enterprise and everything in between.

Most of these brands have been established for over 20 years in Australia and are part of the country’s technology media landscape.

As an arm of nextmedia, our Gurgaon team are part of a fast-paced company with a truly Australian work culture – motivated by incentives and the desire to emerge as industry leaders.

nextmedia is the Australian subsidiary of parent company Forum Media, based out of Munich, Germany; a digital publishing house with a range of websites, events, custom publishing, digital brand offerings and social media products.

Meet the team

Arek Widawski
Managing Director

Darren McNally
General Manager

Shivani Modi
India Operations Manager

Forum Media Group

The FORUM MEDIA GROUP (FMG) is an international media company headquartered near Munich (Germany) with leading professional publishing houses worldwide. In 2016, the FMG achieved a turnover of 94 million Euro and employed more than 1,000 employees in Europe, Asia, North America, and Australia.

Founded in 1988, the FORUM MEDIA GROUP is an expert in providing business and private clients with high value information and entertainment products, and professional training and development. The FORUM MEDIA GROUP companies also offer a large portfolio of special interest publications, magazines, and highly regarded events.

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