Forum Media Group acquires Lighthouse Independent Media

March 24, 2017

Lighthouse Independent Media (“Lighthouse”) has today announced that FORUM MEDIA GROUP (“Forum”) has acquired 80% of the share capital of Lighthouse in Singapore and Hong Kong from owners Justin Randles and Tony Kelly positioning the business for further growth and expansion in Asia.

Lighthouse was established 15 years ago by Justin Randles and Tony Kelly and is now a successful B2B media and events business servicing the marketing and human resources sectors. Lighthouse products and services include magazines, websites, newsletters, events and awards. Over the last three years Lighthouse has delivered outstanding growth and has become one of the leaders in its sectors in Asia.

As a result of the transaction Lighthouse Group Managing Director Justin Randles and Hong Kong Managing Director Tony Kelly will retain a combined 20% financial interest in Lighthouse and continue in their roles to help drive growth and expansion of the business with Forum.

Justin Randles, Group Managing Director of Lighthouse, commented “Since the establishment of Lighthouse 15 years ago we have grown a business through creativity and innovation and now host some very special events for the marketing and HR communities. Tony and I are very proud of our team of people at Lighthouse, their dedication and passion for our business and we are very excited about the partnership with Forum and the opportunities for the business and our staff. We will continue further growth and expansion, driven by a common vision and a strong belief in success.”

The international publishing company Forum is headquartered in Bavaria, Germany. Forum publishes print and digital offerings in the specialist B2B and consumer sectors and operates in 15 countries employing around 1,000 people. David Gardiner, Forum’ s representative commented on the new strategic partnership “Lighthouse is a terrific addition to the Forum group and we have plans to continue the growth and expansion of Forum in Asia, both within Lighthouse’s existing range of products and business fields, and into new sectors.”

For further information please contact:
Justin Randles, Group Managing Director at Lighthouse Independent Media +65 9382 3087
David Gardiner, Chief Executive Officer at nextmedia, Forum Media Group Australia +61 29901 6100

About Lighthouse Independent Media
Lighthouse publishes magazines, websites, newsletters and hosts events and awards for the Marketing an d Human Resources sectors in Singapore and Hong Kong. Light house employs over 75 staff.

Information, education and entertainment are the business fields FORUM MEDIA GROUP is specialised in. Located near Munich, Germany the media group was established in 1988 and is based in 15 countries. The product range includes print and online media as well as software products and professional training. About 10 00 employees are working with FORUM MEDIA GROUP worldwide. For more information please see