nextmedia to launch new motorcycle title – Free Wheeling

February 14, 2013

nextmedia today announced that it will launch Free Wheeling, a motorcycling magazine aimed at experienced motorcycling enthusiasts with a passion for motorcycling, travel, touring and adventure.

Our research shows that the fastest growing segment of the motorcycle market is touring and adventure riding. Increasingly, motorcycle owners, often of dual purpose bikes, are pursuing a touring or adventure experience to some of most stunning destinations in Australia and overseas. Free Wheeling fills a gap in the Australian motorcycling media market and will offer
readers a true motorcycling cultural experience including authoritative testing and analysis of the latest bikes and products, travel features on some of the most exciting rides and destinations mixed with a blend of history, shared reader experiences and contributions from some of Australia’s best motorcycling journalists.

The launch Editor of Free Wheeling is Rennie Scaysbrook, formerly Sports and Road Test Editor at Australian Motorcycle News. Rennie is a self confessed bike nut who has crafted his reputation over the last five years in testing, reviewing and critiquing some of the best bikes in the market and travelling the world for the touring/adventure experience. Rennie will be
supported by a team of journalists, photographers and leading motorcycling writers.

Commenting on the launch David Gardiner, Chief Executive Officer of nextmedia said “I am very excited about the launch of Free Wheeling into the fastest growing segment of the motorcycle market. This will be a totally different motorcycling magazine that engages with the touring and adventure passions of the motorcycle rider. Advertisers will find this a very compelling offer”.
He added “I am delighted that Rennie is joining the nextmedia team enabling us to build on the success of Old Bike magazine”.

Commenting on his appointment Rennie said “To build a title like Free Wheeling from scratch is a terrific opportunity. We have some fantastic ideas that will make Free Wheeling unique for our readers and advertisers. We want to create an inspirational magazine that shows people how easy it is to explore the world on a motorcycle”.

Free Wheeling will launch in April 2013.

For further information please contact: David Gardiner, Chief Executive Officer at nextmedia (02) 9901 6100