Waves iPad #2 Available Now

May 2, 2012

Waves iPad#2 is an interactive magazine that will have readers captivated for hours reading, flicking and tapping all new content, stories, video and photos.

Special mention goes to all advertisers that are involved with some really innovative creative and interaction that will entertain and ensure a strong positive vibe is felt by readers.

This issue we take our readers on an exclusive trip to Chile to check out perfect lefts, along with the story, photos and video of the trip we have an audio interactive element with the producers narrating as you check it out. Bosko’s back with his best and our interactive T-shirt and Jeans product feature will make sure our readers nail that killer ensemble. Add to this our 360Degree wettie guide and of course our Temptress shoot and video that will no doubt leave readers a quivering mess.

Next media has invested heavily in resources to publish all I pad products in-house and recognises that this is a growing audience especially with Waves‘ target demographic (14-18YO ) The proliferation of iPads in this demographic is being underpinned by the successful schools trials around Australia and the current free-of-charge accessibility of Waves’ iPad apps and has seen a huge uptake in the short time they have been available.

Download the app here.

For more information contact your representative or email Marcus Hucker: General Manager nextmedia boardsports