Old Bike Australasia

Old Bike Australasia is the only Australian publication that caters for local interests in virtually every segment of classic motorcycling and provides a unique vehicle for advertisers in this large and affluent market.

Former motocross champion, racer and the author of eight books on Australian motorcycling, Jim Scaysbrook spearheads the editorial content. Combining a wide range of feature articles, each issue of OBA includes stories on famous bikes, forgotten circuits, personality profiles, club and event listings and classic and historic race reports.

OBA reaches a reader demographic that covers everyone from life-long riders, to those who cherish their motorcycling experiences from the 1970s.

In short, the magazine’s main target is the 35-55 year old male. With the kids gone and the mortgage paid, they now have the time and money to restore the bike they could never afford when they were young. OBA readers also purchase a large number of new bikes, especially tourers. They buy riding gear, tyres, insurance, lubricants and other accessories, and have the disposable income to take holidays – both local and overseas – dine out, and purchase a wide variety of consumable products and services.

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