Tracks is the brand which blazes a trail into surfing’s future without forgetting to occasionally look in the rear vision mirror.

Relentlessly creative and restlessly innovative, Tracks will always strive to make you see surfing and surf culture in new and engaging ways.

Our design style is progressive with a strong focus on emphasizing the unique elements of every story and subject matter. Meanwhile, Tracks editorial strives to be entertaining in a rip your head off kind of way.

It is Tracks who ordains surfing’s heroes, brings colourful characters to life and captures the essence of what it is to be a surfer in the modern world. We boast the most dynamic contributor list of any Australian surfing magazine and our motto is “Boredom is The Enemy.”

In an era of photo saturation Tracks licks the cream off the lenses of the world’s best and displays their images in a style, which elevates surf photography to an art form and always makes you fall more deeply in love with the act of riding waves.

Ultimately, Tracks is not so much a brand as it is a state of mind that embraces pure surfing passion, cultural sophistication and the infinite possibilities that are presented to the modern surfer.

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