Australian Muscle Car

When it comes to the biggest moments in Aussie motor racing history – like Moffat’s 1-2 at Bathurst 1977 or Brock’s record-breaking last lap in an A9X Torana – Australian Muscle Car magazine is the bible.

AMC is dedicated to preserving the legend of our unique homegrown performance car heritage, both road and race. Think Falcon GT-HO, Monaro GTS 350 and Charger E49. Former V8 Supercar oncourse commentator and 20-year industry veteran Luke West leads an editorial team weaving together the complex and colourful history of Bathurst and the legendary cars built to beat The Mountain.

AMC has become famous for its unique, in-depth approach to telling the stories of our muscle car icons. These much-treasured features are backed by driver interviews, new product sections, the latest muscle car news, model cars, books and videos, making AMC the most comprehensive magazine focused purely on the Muscle Car scene available today.

As an advertising medium, AMC presents an ideal opportunity to reach a focused readership base, passionate about cars. It’s a publication designed to appeal to all age groups and all devotees. We feature stock-as-a-rock showroom restored classics and Bathurst racecars to the latest from both major manufacturers and V8 Supercars.

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